Church Army USA

Uncommon Grounds Cafe

Besides providing coffee and conversation, Uncommon Grounds Cafe also acts as the home for an Aliquippa church, hosts Bible studies, recovery meetings, Friday Family Movie Night, and features music on it stage and art on its walls. Church Army USA’s Aliquippa Base was inspired by a core group of outreach minded individuals who felt compelled to call an Australian Evangelist to the USA. John Stanley, his wife Alison and their three boys arrived and immediately began to build relationships in the Aliquippa community. In 2001 a former dress shop, later bar and strip club, now a condemned building was purchased. Through countless hours and 4 years the building immerged reborn as the Uncommon Grounds Café, a centralized base of ministries in Aliquippa. Since opening in 2006, it is not only a great place to enjoy food and coffee, but a place where community connects and God’s vision is revealed. The Aliquippa base has grown to require a number of evangelists working in prison ministry, weekly church gatherings, pastoral care, re-entry job training, recovery classes, recovery housing, the arts, community gardens and local mission training. It is a central gathering point for churches, pastors and lay workers who work in tandem to reach the community with the message and love of Jesus Christ, restoring hope to the hopeless.