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Contact Bryan Bywater


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Bryan Bywater

West Hartford, CN

The Rev. Capt Bryan Bywater, of Bywater Ministry, began his call as a missionary with Young Life serving in Connecticut two decades ago. He was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church in Tanzania and has served in many parish roles before returning to his passion as a full-time evangelist.

Bryan’s work is two-fold; preach the Gospel and equip the church to effectively transform their community with the life-altering message and power of Jesus. He offers equipping seminars and weekend retreats using his gifts of creativity, discernment and spiritual direction to help the local church find where the Spirit of God is working and how their call matches the need. He has served in three countries and up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

Bryan grew up in suburban West Hartford, Connecticut in a nominal-at-best Christian home. Through a series of family life-events, they became estranged from all aspects of Christianity and early into his college career he became enamored with surfing, political activism, all things illicit, and persecuting Christians.

Soon after graduating with a degree in Political Science and History he found himself in Fort Collins, Colorado pursuing his passion of rock climbing when we had a radical encounter with the Living God. He simply sat upon a boulder on the edge of a cliff one day and prayed without aid of anyone, nor ever having heard of a “sinners prayer”; “God, I have had enough. You know I don’t believe in you, and I hate your people. If you are real, please show me.”

He became bathed in a brilliant yellow light that was the Presence of God. The next day he drove non-stop back to Connecticut losing most of his brakes and his fifth gear and has been chasing God ever since. This once God-hater has logged in over 200,000 preaching and teaching in America, Tanzania, and Kenya. His passion is for the lost waiting to hear of Jesus, and teaching the church how to find them.

Current Ministries:

• Traveling monthly to preach and equip churches throughout the States

• Weekly soup, sock and prayer outreach to the homeless in Downtown Hartford Connecticut

• Monthly distribution and collection of new underwear to the homeless through shelters and churches

• Weekly services, Bible Studies, and singing in three local nursing homes

• Serving as a Spiritual Director

Contact Bryan

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