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Archbishop Beach's address to Provincial assembly about racism

Church Army USA


Earth Angel Apothecary – Capt. Angel Bailey


       At Earth Angel Apothecary, we make organic, hand-made, bath, beauty items and more that promote health and the healing power of creativity. While essential oils are therapeutic and healing, that’s not the only way our apothecary hopes to share a message of healing.  We want to help inspire women to discover and nourish their creative side, recognizing that we have all been given gifts and abilities by God to bless and help others. We all have the need to make something, to channel the creative side of ourselves into something that connects us to something deeper:               a level of self-discovery and understanding. Earth Angel Apothecary is helping to empower women to recognize their true value in themselves and in Christ and His intent, in order to help them move from…         Hopeless to Hopeful,                                       Useless to Useful,                                                                 Helpless to Helpful.

Beaver Falls Street Pastor – John Bryant

John serves the marginalized in Beaver Falls by providing a “ministry of presence” – connecting people with Jesus and with organizations that can help with social needs. https://www.streetpastorbeaverfalls.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JBBeaverFallsStreetPastor/

Church Army – Farmington Missouri Ministries – Capt. Mark Hedrick

Serving the Farminton community with recovery ministry and Bible study.

Uncommon Grounds Cafe – Capt. Andrenna Williams

Aliquippa, PA

Besides providing coffee and conversation, Uncommon Grounds Cafe also acts as the home for an Aliquippa church, hosts Bible studies, recovery meetings, Friday Family Movie Night, and features music on it stage and art on its walls. Church Army USA’s Aliquippa Center of Ministry (CoM) was inspired by a core group of outreach minded individuals who felt compelled to call an Australian Evangelist to the USA. John Stanley, his wife Alison and their three boys arrived and immediately began to build relationships in the Aliquippa community. In 2001 a former dress shop, later bar and strip club, and then a condemned building was purchased. Through countless hours and 4 years the building immerged reborn as the Uncommon Grounds Café, a centralized base of ministries in Aliquippa. Since opening in 2006, it is not only a great place to enjoy food and coffee, but a place where churches receive training and experience in evangelism and outreach.  It is a place where community connects and God’s vision is revealed. The Aliquippa CoM has grown to require a number of evangelists working in prison ministry, weekly church gatherings, pastoral care, re-entry job training, recovery classes, recovery housing, the arts, community gardens and local mission training. It is a central gathering point for churches, pastors and lay workers who work in tandem to reach the community with the message and love of Jesus Christ, restoring hope to the hopeless.

Rev. Capt. Herb Bailey – National Director of Ministries

Standing by The Door – Capt. Steve Baughan


SBTD is an outreach to veterans of the armed forces of the USA who are seeking new life and fresh start. A proven, Christian based method of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism are offered to our clients, along with transitional housing and assistance with their other life issues. Recovery classes, Bible study and corporate worship services are offered on a weekly basis.In addition, we assist our veterans with job procurement, direction in mental and physical health issues and animal therapy when appropriate.

Capt. Steve Baughan

Spring Street Farm & Apiary

Aliquippa, PA

The principle of the farm is “Growing Together by Grace and Giving”. The farm seeks to build community by being a place of peace and prayer as a picture of God’s grace, beauty and provision in a world that is in desperate need for God’s tangible presence. We grow all sorts of vegetables and give it all away. Like God’s grace, those who are hungry are welcome to take what they need. The farm also has a prayer labyrinth and seating to encourage prayer and reflection. In addition, the farm is creating a community garden where those who want to grow food can do so with their own plot and promoting friendships. We are also encouraging new garden partnerships as an outreach, friendships and giving. The Uncommon Grounds Café and the Spring Street farm work together closely in purpose and ministry. Please visit/like the Spring Street Farm Facebook page or contact Church Army USA if you would like to help or information to join in and/or support the work!

Capt. Nancy A. O’Leary

Gateway to Hope – Capts. James and Mary Giles

Ocala, FL

Mary and I were commissioned as Church Army (CA) Captains in 2006 while serving in disaster recovery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina. We also served as mission coordinators for The Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders to the Gulf Coast as part of our ministry there. Mississippi opened us up to working with addictions and in 2008 we began working with a Church Army officer (Mark) and recovered addict who had established a satellite addiction recovery program outside St. Louis, MO. Mark had found God and recovery through the Church Army program established in Branson, MO. During our service under Mark, Mary and I did counseling, Bible study and office administration, among other things.

Rev. Capt. James & Mary Giles

The Street Church – Rev. Capt. Bryan Bywater

West Hartfiord, CT

  • Traveling monthly to preach and equip churches throughout the States
  • Weekly soup, sock and prayer outreach to the homeless in Downtown Hartford Connecticut
  • Monthly distribution and collection of new underwear to the homeless through shelters and churches
  • Weekly services, Bible Studies, and singing in three local nursing homes
  • Serving as a Spiritual Director

Rev. Capt. Bryan Bywater