Evangelism and COVID-19

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Series: The Unquarantined Gospel

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Stepping Into Evangelism
Threshold Ministries | Published 2014
This 64-page booklet contains practical advice, tips and workbook exercises to inspire you in sharing the gospel with others. Chapters include:
  • Why is evangelism God’s idea?
  • How to share your story
  • Who can you share your story with?
  • Leading people to Jesus and what next?
  • How can your church reach the community?
  • Changing world, changing church – exploring fresh expressions of church
  • Making the most of Christmas and Easter
  • Community events and outreach
  • Threshold Ministries’ story
We Have Recovered: The Common Solution Recovery Program
by Steve Baughan | Published 2010
A book about solution and recovery of addiction and alcoholism.